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One-on-One College and Career Guidance for Student Athletes

Structured & Convenient Planning

Financial Stability

Security in Your Unique Path

Figuring Out Your Next Best Step Can Be Confusing.

It’s not right that talented athletes often aren’t given proper college and career guidance. Maybe you’ve felt…..


We help you explore the colleges that support your passion and career goals.


We help you discover the appropriate financial planning for athletes.


We help you to foster your identity outside of sports.


We help you develop a correlation between your athletic skill set and the job skills needed to soar in your field.


We help you create a plan that helps you to chase your athletic and nonathletic career dreams.


We help you to maximize your potential on and off the field.

About Next Season Advising

“Not that many years ago, I was sitting in the same chair as you. All I could think about was my next step, the step right in front of me and that was playing baseball at the highest possible level in college. I hadn’t given much thought about choosing the right college for my career – I was just dialed in to succeed at baseball at the college level. Little did I know (and one thing I wish I would have known) that all the choices I made in high school would directly impact my college career and, more importantly, my life after college. Now that I am into my career, I realize that I could have gotten here more efficiently and I could have been in a better overall position to achieve my life goals (my “Endgame”). If I would have simply taken the time to consider all of the factors, like career path, financials, and other personal choices, I could’ve had a much better college experience as well as be closer to the life I want for myself and my family. Looking back, I realize now that it shouldn’t have to be this way. There should be a better way. As a result, I have taken my experience with college baseball and the things I have learned through navigating my current career to make a better way for student-athletes so that they can succeed on and off the field, both in college and beyond.”

  • High School All-Conference 2010-2012
  • High School Conference Player of the Year 2011
  • High School All-State 2011-2012
  • All-Conference at Chowan University 2016-2017
  • D2CCA All-American at Chowan University 2017
  • Juris Doctor- University of Mississippi School of Law
  • Estate Planning Attorney at Zachary A. Cooper Law

In the Right Zone, You Can:

Gain Confidence

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    Maximize Potential 

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Experience Self Efficacy

It’s Time to Create a Game Plan Off the Field.

1. Schedule an advisory meeting.

2. Map out your next season.

3. Enjoy a winning future.

Begin your Future with Confidence

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Your Next Season

Downloadable E-Book helping you to make the most of your next season.

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Advisory Meeting

One-on-One College and Career Guidance for Student Athletes

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Consult and Mentorship

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Make a Plan for the Future You Want

An incomplete plan can leave you feeling anxious. At Next Seasoning Advising, high school athletes get structured & convenient college and career planning in order to gain confidence in their future.

At Next Season Advising we know that you want to be confident in your future career path. In order to do that, you need structured & convenient college and career planning . The problem is athletes are often given an incomplete plan which makes you feel anxious. I believe that it’s not right that talented athletes are pressured to focus on their sport alone without proper career guidance. I understand that the choices you make in high school will directly impact your college career and life after college which is why I have created a better way for student-athletes so that they can succeed on and off the field, both in college and beyond.


Here’s how we do it:

  1. Schedule an advisory meeting
  2. Map out your next season.
  3. Enjoy a winning future.

So, schedule an advisory meeting today. In the meantime, download the FREE PDF, “10 Steps to Find Your Best College so that you can stop being misguided and instead receive the knowledge you need to experience confidence in your career plan.

Your Best Future Awaits You

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