Next Season Advising

Advising & Mentorship for Student Athletes

Hi, we're Next Season Advising.

We are former high school and college athletes who feel that high school athletes were being left behind when it comes to college and career planning. Guidance counselors at high schools are overwhelmed. Club teams only tell you what to do to get to a certain school or career. 

Unfortunately, this means that high school athletes are left to figure out what they want on their own. The problem is, deciding on a career or between schools can be overwhelming, confusing, and even dreadful at times. 

That is where Next Season Advising comes in! Instead of asking what school you want to go to or what career you want, we help you decide what you want your future to look like, what career fits your unique talents, passion, and mission, and help you narrow down your college choices based on the most important factors. 

Ultimately, our mission is to assist high school athletes consider the most important factors about their next season, so they can set themselves on the right path to their best future.